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Belinda Kröll was born 1993 and grew up in Tyrol/ Austria.
Drawing has been her closest friend since she first held a pencil.
"When I was drawing I had a save haven to go to. A place to recapture what was going on around and inside me too. I wish everyone a place like this." 


She always loved to watch Flora and Fauna. Native animals and plants have always been part of her paintings.

Accompanied by smaller creatures her foxes, bears and wolfs gaze iconic from canvas.


"Transportation of real emotion is utterly important to me. I show personal issues like femininity, being a mom, pride, trust, backbone, but also vulnerability. Oilpastles on canvas are often my medium of choice. Those colors are vibrant. Also they seem so soft yet have something rough."

Ever since Belinda Kröll, her husband and three kids moved to Vienna in 2020 she is working with Linocut creating individual print graphics by hand.

"Printing this way is fascinating me! One has the possibility of near endless reproduction (at least it feels this way). Yet every outcome is slightly different, making every print unique and lively. The small printmakingpress I'm working with is set in our kitchen, thats where the magic happens, mostly at night, when the kids are asleep"



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